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~Experience your own Tachyon~

Tachyon is amazing and totally helps with the ascension process!  You for sure will want Tachyon of your own.  By far the most  popular, and significantly powerful products are the *Tachyon Mega Power Rods.  These are literally the most powerful meditation tool in the world!  Click here  to shop. The MEGA Power Rods serve as a Tachyon  antenna.  With many uses they are great for assisting energy workers, manifestation, grounding, pain management etc.  Your purchase of the MEGA Power Rods, includes 2 free gifts.  To get your first gift, type in the notes section (right before you pay) 1) That Marlys sent you.  A free gift will come with your Mega Power Rods.  For your 2nd gift, after you receive your MEGA Power rods drop me (Marlys) an email at:  .  Once I receive your email that you have received your rods I will send you love, power, energy, and healing, (or any other request you may have) from the chamber.   This is very powerful to be on the receiving end of! 
here  to shop where you can choose from a whole collection of marvelous Tachyon products. 
Thank you so much for your work in helping the worlds ascension process.
*I send you  love and wishes for abundance of all things good.*


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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