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The Most Powerful Tachyon in the world!

Get ready for your ultimate Power Tachyon experience. The combination of  sacred geometry,  Tachyon , and your thoughtful analysis you will ready yourself for your highest and best good.  Begin by first getting into the proper mindset, setting your focus, and dwelling on your intention(s).  Everyone is different. So, as you travel this path, your experiences may be similar to the experiences of others.  However, YOUR Tachyon adventure will be very much  your path. It will be unique and special as if customized specifically for YOU. That is because it is!  Why??- Because that is how Tachyon works.  It works for your highest and best good- and what could possibly be better than that?  

                                Take the video tour:                                   

If you like meditation, float tanks, self improvement, you will love the Power Tachyon Chambe

Since the Tachyon particles travel faster than light, you can tune in and feel your physical body as it is infused with that light. The vast array and multiple positive effects that these particles can produce on your bodies' energy field, or your body itself can be amazing. You may be one of those who leaves the chamber feeling every. single. cell. in their body dancing in delight!  You may be one of those who speaks  of healing 2-3 times faster.  You may see light beings.  Or you may be like the many who feel a significant reduction in pain. Some receive the perfect answer to a problem they have been searching for.  The solution suddenly just comes to them. Most feel energized. There is a good chance you will also feel energized and less exhausted, coupled with a peaceful overall sense of well being. 

Could You use a significant reduction in pain?

And help problem solving?

Because of how Tachyon affects  physical matter, it also has the potential to be like a fountain of youth, slowing the aging process thereby strengthening the immune system.  That's not hard to believe since many can feel the Tachyons causing their every cell to reverberate as they feel energized from within.​

Inspiring Power testimonies

Will Your cells dance?

​Here is your opportunity to allow Tachyons to assist you.... whether it be in the clearing of any "garbage", like the emotional garbage we all have- (albeit from trauma and bad relationships)- Or cleaning out the system and detoxing.  You can actually go from a hurtful, painful place- to feeling grounded and centered as your chakra field balances.

Oh to detox emotionally and physically!

​For those who feel challenged in their life's spiritual excursion, you can now progress with a much more heightened level of enlightenment. Will you see your angel?  Some do.  Will you see higher dimensional beings?  Perhaps.  You may even see the higher  dimensional being-the facilitator of the chamber.  Maybe. We are dealing with higher dimensional energy- so anything good and higher dimensional is possible. 

Power Testimonials

~ A heightened level of enlightenment for you ~

​What will the Tachyon Chamber do for you? The further you are along in the process, and the more sensitive you are to energies, the more profound experience you are likely to have.  If don't feel you are far enough along... that's OK.  You will get there. Just keep in mind-everyone is different.   And remember- no matter what-the Power Tachyon chamber will work for your highest and best good.  

Your journey begins with your  very own Power Tachyon Chamber Experience

Other benefits of Tachyons:

*Restores your Chakra and meridians-

*Accelerates your body's capacity to heal from illness or disease-

*Profoundly promotes your spiritual development and can open up spiritual channels (3rd eye)-

~ Amplify your intentions ~

​*Amplifies your intentions as they are used during meditation, manifestation and/or healing sessions-

*Tachyon works harmonically amplifying your crystals and gemstones attributes-

*Harmonizes harmful EMF fields Heightens your spiritual and psychic awareness-

Get invigorated!

​*Helps to access emotional memory blocks for mental and emotional release-

*Increases your stamina, invigorates, protects, recharges-

*Deepens your meditation-

*Assists your body in detoxifying-

*Wonderful for any anxiety you may have, circulation issues, releasing your pain,


deeper quality sleep for you, and your overall sense of well being- 

Advanced Higher dimensional Technology awaits you. Start your Power Tachyon journey today!



Up to 35% of your body's energy now goes to combatting the Electrical Magnetic Fields that are bombarding your body with 3G, 4G and 5G.  This means that you are only using 65% of your energy to heal all layers and levels of body, mind and spirit. 
​As you begin to experience life with Tachyon on your body, in your home and office, your body starts to rejuvenate your personal energy field much faster. 
The effects of harmful EMF's are greatly reduced when you remain in the energetic harmonization of the Tachyon field. ​

 If you are currently experiencing any health problems, you will find that having Tachyon on your body 24/7 will allow your body to be supported through it's powerful energy. As this occurs and healing increases, your body won't be fighting the harmful EMF radiation that surrounds your body’s energy (aura) field. 
 In current modern life, the vast amounts of cell phones, satellites, fluorescent lighting, dirty electricity, cell phone towers, cable TV, radio stations and towers  emitting EMF and electro-smog is overwhelming.
This EMF is continually "energetically draining" our bodies as we become overloaded trying to resist and fight these dense and overpowering EMF fields.  

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We are located in Mount Vernon, Washington, about 70 miles north of Seattle.

14021 Bradshaw Rd. Mount Vernon, WA. 98273  No drop ins please.


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