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What is Tachyon?


When describing Tachyon, it is difficult to not refer to it as energy.  You can "feel" it.  And it feels like energy.  Yet most of those who have energy sensitivities, will say it isn't like any energy they have ever felt before.  It is not like energy one can feel off of Crystals, or other stones with energetic properties. Nor is it like a Rife Frequency machine. Yet one will feel the spinning of the Tachyons, and it's affects on their cells.  It is so, so very different. That is because Tachyon is in fact particle.   

Give it your intention, and it organizes itself, and works with you, in you, and through you,  for your highest and best good.  As you use it, it can multiply, blossom and expand, layering more powerfully to aid in manifesting your intentions.  Operating within the boundary of Love for growth and wholeness Tachyon can expand your awareness increasing intuitive abilities.   

It involves your intentions.  As you set your intention merging it with Tachyon, the Tachyon goes to work to bring manifestation. 

Also, as it goes to work to balance imbalances within every aspect of ourselves, it can help a person "shift" 

from where they are- to where they want to be.  

The experience in the Power Tachyon chamber is like taking a shower as the incredible tachyon field flows in you and through you.  This flow can bring powerful change including helping individuals get "unstuck" from hindering situations.  Our whole being of what we are comprised of - whether physical, emotional, or spiritual -are in a field of restoration to wholeness in the Tachyon flow.  This is true whether one is in the chamber- or wearing Tachyonized clothes or jewelry.  

It does not matter if the recipient notices it or not.  It does not matter if its obvious or not-Tachyon is always working.  Power Tachyon will always work for the highest and best good. Nothing less or nefarious can happen since the Power Tachyon chamber is sealed with Love. 

The more one is around it, the  more one is saturated with Tachyon. It will orient you to draw more on it by intentionally directing you to situations that bring about wholeness.  It does not matter if you are dealing with a person, place or thing: physical, emotional or spiritual.  

As you mesh your own thoughts and desires with Tachyon, it can cause an incredible shift in whatever the "IT" need is for you.  With this cause and effect,  one can become more acutely aware and in tune to things they missed before.  Things above and beyond your five senses.  This raises the vibration- enhancing and allowing one to live life to the fullest.  

The best way to describe Tachyon is to experience it.

Warm Blessings,


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