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~ Power Testimonies ~

I was extremely close to my dad of whom I lost suddenly and unexpectedly when I was only 8 years old.  Losing someone so very close to me at such a tender age caused me to have a sad, empty, void that nothing seemed to remedy.  

I entered the chamber desiring to be healed of my painful inner child.  Almost immediately upon being situated in the chamber I went into a deep relaxed state.  I felt absolutely covered by bliss and totally surrounded by bountiful love.  I went into a state where I was able to vividly relive the very last day that I had with my dad in exquisite detail.  I was there, he was there, and we were there together doing everything we did that very last day.  The experience was so far beyond  profoundly beautiful, that there are not adequate words to explain. By far the most elevated experience of my life!

The joyful tears flowed when I exited the Power Tachyon Chamber.  It was such a  heightened and very real experience, that  it was difficult for me to process what had just happened.  My dad was THERE!  My dad whom I love so much was THERE! I got to spend one blessed last day with my dad!  My inner child is now healed! 

Thank you Power Tachyon!!    


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I enjoyed several Tachyon sessions with Marlys as my awesome guide to this revolutionary healing process. I feel like the Tachyon energy has allowed me to more easily release and let go of past emotional traumas so I can move forward with more confidence and focus. Marlys is supportive of my healing process and her enthusiasm is the remarkable gift that keeps on giving! I look forward to each Tachyon session as an opportunity to connect, and open my heart to encompassing more love and forgiveness for myself and others. 
May you be blessed on your healing journey.

~ Karen

In the chamber I desired to work on emotional and physical healing.  The first sensation I felt were like waves on an ocean behind my closed eyes. I then felt totally relaxed where I lifted my thoughts to healing for myself and others.  I felt the energy come into my tender sore knee.  I felt no pain- just a heightened awareness.  Then I directed the energy to my sore foot, onto to my bad ear where the sensation was almost like heat.  I placed the Mega Power Rods on my back and sore shoulders and could feel a warming sensation on my injured neck. 

Upon exiting the chamber I felt a strong urge to urinate and was very surprised how much I discharged!  I felt totally relaxed and with no pain any where. A short while later I was able to pick up some heavy objects with no pain or restriction at all.  

I was able to sleep in positions I am usually not able to because of pain- and without using any pain killers. 

I really enjoyed it and look forward to more sessions in the chamber.

~ Merrillee

You have done a marvelous job of getting your Tachyon Chamber set up.  The room is quiet, comfortable and clean.  You put me at ease with your competent and professional explanations of color choices relating to parts of the body your clients wish to work on and getting them settled in the chamber.

Once I started my session I felt the Tachyons working and moving.  I did not see them but I “felt” them as a warming, touching, or nudging feeling.  I was totally at peace.  Toward the end of the session I saw three light “faces” appear one right after the other, however they were not distinct enough to identify.  I knew they were important and I mentioned them to you, Marlys.  You replied that people have said they saw their Guides.  They may be my guides but they were not distinct enough to be identifiable.  I also saw light but as my session ended, and the blackout eye band was removed I realized that the actual chamber was blacked out except for the colors of light used in my session.  The blackout curtains shielded the chamber completely from other sources of light.  There IS light around us we can only see when we are in a different state of being.

My body was calm yet I still felt work was ongoing for a couple of days.  Pain is less and in different areas than expected!

I highly recommend using Marlys’ Tachyon Chamber!  She will do her best to fit one in for a session at your convenience.  The chamber works!

~ James Kennedy

 I heard about the Tachyon technology but I've never been in a Tachyon Chamber. When I heard Marlys had one, I wanted to try it.

It was quite an experience! I could feel the energy coming from all directions!  It is hard to explain or put your finger on what's happening but what I sensed was that there was this huge increase in "vibration" throughout my body. A real sense of increased well-being.

~ Dr. E.G.

Marlys told me that the chamber would work for me for my highest and best good.  I didn't realize how very true that was until my session was over.  
In my life, the rigorous difficult demands of being a caregiver 24/7 has taken its toll.  Like many caregivers do, I have neglected self care.  What I needed most was time away- a vacation.  However, with my current situation as it is, it just didn't seem possible. 
Yet when my session was over, I felt an absolutely incredible relief.  Such a release from built up stress and anxiety, that the tears just flowed!!  For me, my time in the chamber was JUST exactly what I needed.  A vacation! And Wow!


I had a really good experience with the Tachyon chamber walking away feeling energized and refreshed.  I can't wait to get back and have more sessions.
Many thanks to Marlys for her kindness and generosity.  

~ Jay

I thought I would try the Tachyon chamber setting to increase my intuitive abilities. 
I set the lights and sound accordingly.  I didn't notice anything intuitively when I got out.  Except my cells felt like they were reverberating and dancing in delight.  However, the next day I was outside and heard my elderly mother (whom I care for) calling me. As she called, I heard her calling "in my HEAD" -NOT my ears.  I ran to the house knowing she needed me.  When I got to the house, she was indeed calling me and needed me.  It WORKS!!


Upon entry into the room where the Tachyon Chamber is,  I immediately  felt a tingling sensation on my lower back. This is before I even got into the Chamber itself.  Instantly I sensed that there is definitely something very unique and special about the Tachyon. When directed to set my intention, I didn't really feel capable of coming up with anything specific, So I just decided to just be really open to healing energy.  Being the recipient of many sports injuries, in addition to a broken back, kidney disease, and problems from working with chemicals, my continued intermittent flare ups of pain have been excruciating.  So a miracle healing was my intention.

Once situated in the chamber, my eyes had only been closed for about 2-3 minutes, when I became aware of what seemed like white noise in my "minds eye".  I was observing it trying to get more clarity as to what it was that I was experiencing. It was then I realized I was in the presence of an energy that I had never felt or seen before. It was like a waterfall of energy in my mind that was coming from every which direction.  After becoming aware of that,  I just opened up and allowed myself to settle into a deep meditation observing my breathing. I fell asleep and when I woke up there was a feeling of well being.  A subtle shift had occurred.  A very subtle shift that I couldn't quite put my finger on.
It was not until I got in my car and started to drive home, that I really noticed that my consciousness seemed to be "anchored" to my body a little differently.  This especially relates to how I was perceiving things around me visually.  It was almost as if my mind was floating a little bit behind my head causing an increased awareness of things around me.
Coming from a family with anger issues and all the spiritual battles it brings, I have worked on personal growth for years to overcome the problems associated with generational trauma and cellular memory.  In the following week after the chamber I noticed that it was easier for me to choose to be calm and handle things with resolve when triggered. I am feeling much more peaceful and hopeful about my life's circumstances.  It is so much easier to be present and not project my past traumas onto the current situation.
My kidneys have not had any flare ups of pain since 2 days after the chamber session and it's been 10 days as of this writing. Also, with a compromised liver from working with chemicals, I have noticed that my stool has changed color with the detox.  Actually, my stool is now a normal color that I have not seen in years!

The whole experience has made me to more open and sensitive to the feelings and challenges of others.  This allows me to mend broken relationship fences with a renewed love for myself and others. 

With the Power Tachyon, I set my intention and received my miracle. There are some things with no adequate words to describe. The Tachyon experience was, for me one of those things.  It has been a challenge to verbalize the whole experience.  Suffice it to say "Wow" doesn't do it justice.   


My experience with the Tachyon Chamber was nothing short of fantastic. After my sessions I felt rejuvenated, centered and calm. Prior to my sessions, I was run down, tired and fighting off a very bad cold. All of this changed for the better after being in the Chamber. I'm looking forward to more sessions with great anticipation.

~ CD Sequim

When I was handed the Mega Rods, I couldn't believe it.  I am an energy worker -but never in my life have I every experienced that kind of energy.  It's not like any energy I have ever felt.  It isn't like crystals, or a frequency like a Rife machine, for example.  After holding the Mega Rods for less than a minute, I could feel the energy spinning and felt myself rocking.  After 15 minutes I had to stop and get a drink of water.  I could feel the detox.  The power really hit me.  I literally felt like I had had a couple of beers.  It gave me relief from my sore feet.

~ S.D.

I loaned my Mega Rods to a neighbor who was meeting up  with a group of friends.  I asked her to let each person hold the rods for around 15 minutes and let me know their testimonies.  Here are the results:

I placed them under the soles of my feet.  The pain there is almost gone. When I held them in my hands I felt a current go up both arms and meet in my sternum.  It made me feel very relaxed.   


It gave me relief on my sore feet. 


Eased my tension.  


Pleurisy pain improved.

~M. M.

I felt an uplifting well being feeling.


I found the Tachyon Chamber to be an extraordinary relaxing restorative experience and like nothing I've ever felt before. The Tachyons energy leaves me feeling calm and peaceful for my intended transformation. Marlys is amazing an expedites a comfortable and gentle session for an exciting galactic experience! 

I love the Tachyon energy and look forward to working with it more in the future.

~ S.D.

I had a contractor doing some work for me that said he was super sensitive to energies. I told him that if he is sensitive to energies I had something I just HAD to show him. I excitedly  handed him the Mega Power Rods to hold.  As soon as he made contact with them, he said he felt a power he could not explain and  handed them right back to me saying:  "What IS THAT!!"  I told him it is Tachyon and that it wouldn't hurt him and I  handed them back to him.  As he held them, I watched as he immediately began to rock back and forth with the spinning of the power. He briefly closed his eyes feeling the possibilities, but because he was in such a big hurry he had to get going.  He handed them back to me and in amazement commented "I don't know what those are, but wherever they are taking me, I don't have time to go!"


I recently learned about tachyon energy and was thrilled when I saw there was a Tachyon Chamber several hours from my home. Marlys was wonderful to work with in preparing for my session. Sweet and knowledgeable! I came with my intentions, music, lighting and aromatherapy choices. The session was profound. Peaceful and beautiful energy penetrating every cell in my body. Pain relief and dealing with past trauma were my main goals. I was so pleased with the results. Recommend Marlys and the Tachyon Chamber to all looking for spiritual and physical healing.

~ C.B.

My session in the Power Tachyon was so incredibly relaxing.  I fell asleep almost immediately!  It's such a warm and comforting environment.  I woke up feeling recharged!  

~ Lily

I had been experiencing fatigue from a demanding job that can be draining physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I wanted to try an alternate therapy -not pills that only mask symptoms.  The Tachyon Chamber sounded like a perfect option for me.  My first visit was so comforting.  The chair was very relaxing with the beautiful chakra colored lights surrounding me.  The Tachyon blanket on top had a weight that was soothing.  I felt as if I was floating in a safe cocoon.  My body was humming while my mind went into what I would describe as a deep meditation.  

After the session, I needed some time to reground.  I was very light headed (which dissipated), but there was no brain fog. 

My body felt as if it had gone through an intense detoxification. 

I highly recommend the Tachyon chamber to anyone who is experiencing exhaustion from physical and mental overload.  

~ J.S.

Hi, I think it has been a week now since I rested in the Tachyon Chamber. I was really not expecting much being a skeptic to some degree. But SURPRISE ME!  As I discussed with you I was very muscle tense, emotionally frustrated, in chronic pain, not sleeping well and even angry at life at the moment. After I settled I was surrounded by the color green which is very healing to me anyway. Once the equipment was on and I was comfortable I went soundly to sleep. I traveled in my sleep something I haven't done in a long long time. I think once or twice I opened my very heavy eyes to see the peaceful color around me and dived back into a very restful state. I knew you checked on me but did not rouse enough to acknowledge it. What finally  roused me was nature calling. I did not think much had happened to change my physical or emotional state on my initial waking. HOWEVER, on my way home (a ride of only 20 minutes) I realized my muscles were relaxed, I was not in pain and even better I was calm. In fact in the week since, all that remains except some minor pain and my emotional state is Happy. Even joyous. Something I have not experienced in some time. I continue to sleep better, have a great deal less pain and the muscle tension which drove a lot of the pain remains fairly relaxed. THANK YOU FOR THE EXPERIENCE. Oh, and yes, I will be back for more and soon. I am wondering what long term effects this treatment will have on my life and looking forward to discovering that.

~ Donna Smith

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